Orgasm PostSecret

[I posted this on FB, but felt it needed to be shared as widely as possible. ]

Posted on this morning:

This Postsecret made me incredibly sad. Sex education in the US is not only mostly absent, but the little that there is is usually incorrect. A woman’s main organ for sexual pleasure is the clitoris, not the vagina, and it’s much larger than the tiny but powerful little bulb that protrudes near the top of the vulvular region. See for more info.

This poor woman actually focused so much money and energy on the wrong area of her body and left the most powerful organ for sexual pleasure off her diagram altogether. My heart breaks for her, and all the other women who have never been taught, or have been taught lies, about their bodies.

And although I do not agree with everything Betty Dodson says, her focus on sex-positivity and her lifelong commitment to helping women orgasm is a crucial resource in the light of misinformation and male-centered media. PLEASE, learn what your body is capable of and visit her site:

And a happy, fulfilling, positively orgasmic sex life to ALL women out there!


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